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Chasing beauty

As Peter the Great had made his “window to the West,” at the turn of the twentieth century the artists of the Mir Iskusstva movement, headed by Sergei Diaghilev and Alexandre Benois, presented to the high-fed and, in a way, blasé Europe the grand Russian art: innovative, authentic, original, splendid, bright, airy, impressive and masterfully narrative.
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Canvassing Support

Art dealer Banu Babayeva talks to Madeleine Fitzpatrick about provenance and the Mir Iskusstva movement, and offers some sound advice for would-be collectors.
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The Value of Eternity

On June 18, 2007 the art work “Waterloo bridge, Gray Day” by French impressionist Claude Monet had been sold at Christie’s in London for record-breaking sum – 36 million dollars. The year before his “The Grand Canal” had been acquired for 13 million dollars, “Yellow Nude” by Pablo Picasso for 14 million dollars and “Nazi and Lidia” by Henri Matisse for 11 million dollars…
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