20th Century Russian Art
The late 19th and early 20th centuries were an epoch of Russia’s greatest artistic achievements. This was the time of the masters whose names were later immortalised in the world’s history of art. The 20th Century Russian Art Exhibition presents original works by Russian artists in various techniques and genres, informs about the stages of the development of the Russian art and provides a unique opportunity to see some of the works of eminent Russian painters and graphic artists. When inquiring into the art of the past, one should remember that the aesthetic tastes and public views of an artist often reflect the ideals and controversies of theirtime. What is of interest to an artist in the surrounding environment and the way they show it always echo the mindset of the circle they belonged to. Most of works displayed at the exhibition are paintings and graphic works by artists who were, in different years, members of the Mir Iskusstva (World of Art) movement, which formed in 1898 in St. Petersburg. The distinctive features of this movement were individualism and diversity coupled with an absolute freedom of choice. This approach was innovative and uncommon for Russia of that time. The Mir Iskusstva artists (Alexandre Benois, Léon Bakst, Nicholas Roerich, Mikhail Vrubel, Konstantin Korovin) who took part in Sergei Diaghilev’s Russian opera and ballet seasons in Paris (since 1907) were inspired by the idea of a harmonic blend of drama, music, dance and stage design. Their sets impressed with richpatterns, fantasy, taste and the integrity of colours of scenery and costumes and contributed a lot to the advancement of stage design abroad. The exhibition also presents a group of Russian avant-garde artists of the 1910-1930s who became harbingers of the country’s forthcoming global historic changes and the birth of new traditions and forms in art, which embodied themselves in the idea of refusal from “art for the sake of art”. This exhibition could rightfully be called the Early 20th Century Russian Art if it had not included two works by IlyaKabakov, one of the founders and ideologists of the Russian conceptualism, an innovator and the most notable figure among living Russian artists with a worldwide fame.
Saori Kanda - My Japan
Welcome friends! This exhibition of Japanese artist Saori Kanda will take you by the hand and reveal another world to you, a world where freedom dominates, a world of beauty, dreams, deep meaning and symbols, it has no limits. The creativity of Saori – is a symbiosis of extraordinary talent and her ability to entice out the rich inner emotional world. Very shy in her life, the artist gives vent to emotions and feelings on canvas. Her oeuvre is distinctive and unique in its expression, it cannot be attributed to any particular genre; the pictures are all different, just as there are different moods and dreams. At first glance, rolls look very traditional, made with ink on Japanese rice paper; however a closer inspection reveals how we should perceivethe works of Saori, look deeper and you will see they are full of life, freshness and the movement of the modern world. They dispense with any secular or religious subjects and follow the literary narrative inherent in Japanese Kakemono style painting. She works on both expansive and on very tiny canvases, building a harmonious artistic space. In some paintings the artist utilizes the most amazing palette of vivid colors; others are reserved for two favorite colors - black and white. There is a unifying line that runs inherently through the creativity of the artist - female characters are almost never obvious, hidden from the eyes and gently woven into the leitmotif of each picture. On appreciating her works you get a sense of transition to another reality, warping mentally into the past or forward to the indefinite future. I am pleased to introduce to you the exhibition "My Japan", comprising the best works of Saori Kanda, which will be on display for the first time in Kazakhstan.
East Through The Eyes of Artists of The XIX - XX Century
It is a great privilege for me to present you the new catalogue of paintings of XIX – XX centuries the first and unique catalogue in Kazakhstan. Collecting art is a centuries-long trend, which remains challenging in terms of aesthetic delight and potential safe investing. I decided to focus on the Central Asian or oriental art, which could be described by the expressional representation of the light and space typical for our region as well as by the specific attitude to the traditions, people and cities of the Orient. The cost of paintings in this art movement has considerably increased over the last three years. My partners overseas are world noted experts, including ex-executive directors Christie’s and Sotheby’s auctions and art writers. Only with an experts advice you would be able to choose from amongst of paintings available in the market, the one of the best price, artistic value and investment opportunity. They could also give you competent advisory opinion in terms of creation of the private or corporate collections. Each piece of art we offer is supported with comprehensive provenance, bibliography and exhibition references. The paintings, at most, are referenced in the artist’s catalogues, described in monographs or hold the certificate or authenticity, issued by recognized authorities. Thus, the authenticity of a purchase for client is totally guaranteed.