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Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan in 1978, Saori Kanda was brought up in Iraq (Baghdad), the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), and Japan (Moriya City, Ibaraki Prefecture). Graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design in the College of Art and Design at Musashino Art University in 2001. MY CONCEPT. The beauty of Japan that I have felt since I was a young child. The beauty of the world. Through my work, I connect the elements of skin, earth, paper, and clothing with the forms of music, movies, dancing, and light. My work reflects the encounters that I have had with various kinds of people and how my body has reacted to them and the movements of my hands. I can truly say now that “I love to paint.” Artist Saori Kanda calls her work “painting life.” Depict life in color … the whole life … you can take her words as you like. Portray. For Saori it is not just the creation of a piece of art, but it’s also a chronicle of meetings and her maturation and growth. Looking into her work, see the holiday lines and colors that seem to breathe, concealing a delight and passion. This is the image and colors, and bodies and in the landscapes of unknown countries.

So who is she, Saori Kanda, which is the creator of all this? While Saori spent her childhood in Baghdad and Dubai, she always says that the soul yearns for Japan, a distant country, where she was born. And, of course, the influence of the Arab world and Japanese roots, reflected in her work – whether it is an image of the human body, or just drawing smooth lines of brush strokes. Saori’s life is full of unrestrained enthusiasm – she paints, meeting with people, traveling, talking, listening, is concerned about something, fail, laugh, create, cry, live, communicate, and, again, paints pictures – putting all her efforts and soul. It does not matter whether it is a live performance, creating beautiful paintings or interaction with such areas as music, fashion, and so on. She creates, is that she creates. She gets involved in a fight through whole her body, leads a conversation with it, devotes herself to no residue. Finally, she gives vent brushes. Fervor that boils all works of Saori Kanda, this fervor, liberated from the chemical reaction of meeting people, objects and places throughout her life. Painting life. In order to live Saori’s life it is necessary to paint…